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Encore Air Conditioning has been listed a “5” star rated heat pump replacement specialist from customers all over Tampa Bay. As a family operated business we are grateful for all the reviews and ratings we get. We know how important quality and customer service is. We believe you can have quality at affordable prices. With approximately 600 replacement heat pump systems installed each year we believe we have delivered the Tampa Bay community a well needed change. Complete transparency, flat rate pricing and a eye on the details.

Did you know there are over 1500 HVAC contractors in the Tampa, St Petersburg area? How does a consumer wade through the options? We have given this a lot of thought. One of the reasons the owners of Encore built their business was because after 30 years in the industry they felt they could do something so different that they wanted to share.

We have heard many stories over the years but the one we hear the most is “I needed service but I cannot locate the company that installed my new system last year”. Or another one we hear often is “my system was installed 6 years ago and it came with a 10 year parts warranty to find out the installing contractor did not register the customers parts warranty with the factory”. Many consumers are not aware that most all manufacturers provide a 5 year all parts warranty on equipment. The full 10 year parts warranty is not active until either the homeowner or the installing contractor registers the serial numbers on the manufacturer website. At Encore Air your new system is registered for you. Once the equipment is installed the system serial numbers are listed with the factory guaranteeing you have a 10 year all parts warranty.

It is the little little things that makes the difference on a heat pump installation. Two different companies could install the same exact equipment but the company who takes the time to focus on the details will insure the system will last for many years without issue. Installation is the most important part of a replacement. Encore Air installs Corrosion Protection on every complete system installation. It is amazing how a small ball of Zinc will protect your outdoor coil from electrolysis. It is the same technology boaters use on their boats to protect the drive.

Most single family homes have heat pump systems installed. Condominium and townhomes are typically straight cool with electric heat systems. Click below if you are in a condo and are interested in learning more about straight cool central air systems.

Heat pump systems are the predominant residential heating and air conditioning systems in the Tampa Bay region. With summers reaching 90+ degrees and humidity peaking at over 80% you can rest assured you Encore installed heat pump system will keep you and your family comfortable year round.

Did you know that when replacing a 10+ year old heat pump system with a new high efficiency  system you can expect approximately 45-50% savings on your monthly electric bills. In some instances you could see savings as much as 65%.

Read the latest consumer reports showing Bryant Heat Pump systems top of the list for all manufacturers for having the fewest mechanical failures. They are very quiet, efficient and dependable!

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