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Electrolysis takes a costly toll on your air conditioning system: corroding parts and components that are expensive to replace. Now, you can protect your outdoor heat pump or air conditioner from the impact of corrosion. Encore Air Conditioning recommends the Zinc Corrosion Grenade. The Grenade acts as a “sacrificial anode,” safeguarding your air conditioning coils by taking the brunt of electrolysis damage. This product is similar to the zinc plate that many boaters install on their outboard motors to protect the drive from corrosion, and now it’s available for central air conditioners!

The Corrosion Grenade™ is ideal for:

  • Homes on the water
  • Inter-coastal homes
  • Beach houses
  • Homes near saltwater

Corrosion Protection for Encore Replacement AC Systems

To protect your HVAC investment, Encore Air Conditioning includes a Corrosion Grenade with every replacement system we install. Even when you have your air conditioner maintained regularly, corrosion can occur between cleanings. The Corrosion Grenade helps to lengthen the lifespan of your system by protecting your system from hostile saltwater environments.

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